Procedure or function sp_MSreplraiserror has too many arguments specified.

UPDATE (27/02/2018)

Some great news! It seems that that error been fixed in SQL 2014 SP2 CU3. More information here . They added following logic at the end of the replication procedures:

            IF @@rowcount = 0 
              IF @@microsoftversion > 0x07320000 
                    IF EXISTS (SELECT * 
                               FROM   sys.all_parameters 
                               WHERE  object_id = Object_id('sp_MSreplraiserror' 
                                      AND [name] = '@param3') 
                          SET @primarykey_text = 
                          @primarykey_text + '[TableD_ID] = ' 
                          + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(100), @pkc1, 1) 

                          EXEC Sp_msreplraiserror 
                      EXEC Sp_msreplraiserror 


It seems it is checking a version of SQL and if version is low it is executing proc without additional parameters.

Still if patching server is not an option for you, follow this blog post:)


This is quite common error when you upgrade your 2014 publishers with SP2. First of all the best way of upgrading your replication infrastructure is to start with subscribers. In real world this is not always possible.

This error occurs when you apply SQL 2014 SP2 to your publishers but not to subscriber. It seems Microsoft modifying error handling (thank GOD!) for replication. Currently as you may know when u getting PK, row not found errors you only getting seqno and command id. Since 2014 SP2 the replication will give you table name and values of Primary Key (to identify the duplicate/missing row). That is great improvement as you don’t need to go to distributor to browse commands (more about browsing commands over here …. )

They added 3rd parameter to sp_MSreplraiserror procedures. Since this is systems proc you not able to update it on subscriber. The only permanent solution for this is applying SP2 to your subscriber.

However there is a workaround for this but only temporary one. First step is to script out ALL replication procs for given publication on publisher. Using following script:

sp_scriptpublicationcustomprocs @publication = ”

Once you copy output, paste it on subscriber db and replace  ‘,@param3=’ with ‘- -@param3=’

As I said this is just temporary solution as these procedures may be overwritten if you make changes to some or all articles, you create new subscription or drop/recreate it etc. When you add new articles you will need to repeat process for all articles or if you like for given articles you just added.

I know it is not the best solution for this but I don’t see any other way of doing it. If you do have other ideas, let me know in comments.

4 Replies to “Procedure or function sp_MSreplraiserror has too many arguments specified.”

  1. MS have given us a way to create our own replication procedures for a long time already. Have a look at Using the dbo.sp_register_custom_scripting procedure you can include your own custom code generator into the transactional replication engine and generate procedures that do not contain the error. We use this method to generate custom procedures as a part of our archiving system: one of our replication subscribers ignores delete statements under specific circumstances making that this subscriber contains all current plus all historic data, all other subscribers do execute the delete statements in their copies and thus contain only the current data.


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